Spooky McCute

Spooky McCute is a friendly ghost who only scares away mean people.

He moved in with me in 2016 and has been haunting me ever since – in a very friendly and pleasant way though, so no need to worry.

His favorite things to do are eating candy, drawing, singing and cosplaying.

He’s a part time accountant and ghostwriter. ^-^

His greatest ambition is to become a famous cosplayer one day and to eat all the candy in the world.

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  Spooky loves to travel! You can check out Spooky’s Adventures and follow him on Instagram here!   Spooky McCute Plushies are back in stock!!! You can adopt ghost here.

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  Spooky also wrote a little book! In „Spooky’s Guide to Cosplay“ he shows you his favorite cosplays and shares some useful tips and cute quotes about cosplaying. You can also check out #spookysguidetocosplay on Instagram to see some of his cute cosplays.


Skills: Doodles